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You've just made one of the BEST decisions in your LIFE

Your next steps

We are pleased and excited that you have started your fitness journey with us. There is quite a bit of information to go through, however please read it all as it's very important so here we go...
Our 6 Week Transformation Challenge is designed to get YOU in shape FAST and for the challenge to be a success is largely down to YOU adhering to the training and nutritional protocols.
Please start the onboarding process by clicking this link below and joining our Facebook Group. 

(PLEASE: Make sure to read the pinned 'BIG Q&A' post at the top of the group)



Now we have added your relevant membership you are free to book onto any session of your choice. We recommend that you book onto a session that suits you, all sessions are mixed ability. We also say, try them all, as you never know which might be your favorite.

With regards to your initial weigh in, you can either do this at home or we can do these for you at our facility.

If you want these done, please message Carl to book in directly. 

We also do a 3 week check in with yourself to ensure you are fully on the track - This is done around the week 3 Mark but not necessarily on the exact date.

The Challenge

Your Challenge in a Nutshell!

For total clarity I have outlined below your 6 week transformation challenge essentials and things you should already know (As this was explained in the consultation)

1. To be entitled to gain our 6 week transformation challenge for FREE you must either;
A. Lose 16lbs Body Weight from your first measurement taken with us.
B. Lose 6% Body-fat from your first measurement taken with us.
*Measurements are taken by a Core 300 Coach at our Facility and are recorded in your own training profile which you can access.

2. If the above goals are not met then you have agreed to forfeit 100% of your challenge fee/deposit. OR you can still put it towards membership.

3. We will issue Refunds within 7 days of the final measurements at our facility (provided you have submitted your reviews and testimonials) if you decide against staying on long term.

4. If you pass the challenge (Hooray!) then we can use your initial challenge fee to lower your monthly memberships if you decide to stay on long term with us OR you can grab your money back no issue.


One Last Thing

What do we need from you?

What we need from you is THREE 'Before Photos'.

These must be full length (from at least knee upwards and include your lovely face).

Photo 1 - Front On, Looking straight at the camera standing nice and relaxed.

Photo 2 - Side on. Relaxed stance looking straight ahead, so not at the camera.

Photo 3 - Back shot. Exactly the same as the front pose, but with your back to whoever is taking the photo.

**Please send these to - core300burton@gmail.com

Notes: Try and wear as little as you are comfortable in. So men shirtless ideally and females a sports bra or training top/t shirt. Also try to have a blank background (so against a plain wall or door is ideal).
And lastly the lighting needs to show you without shadows.

>>We are happy to do these for you during your initial weigh-in too, or you can do them at home.

Catch you soon.

Carl and The Core 300 Burton Team.

If you want to get started with your nutrition ASAP then click on this link below to download your nutritional content!